Steinhatchee Fish Species

TJ's Charters Target Fish Species

Steinhatchee, Florida is a hidden gem for fishing enthusiasts looking to target a variety of fish species. The shallow flats around Steinhatchee are home to some of the most sought-after gamefish in Florida, including redfish, trout, and tarpon. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just starting out, Steinhatchee is the perfect location for your next fishing adventure.

Common Questions

Are there sharks in Steinhatchee?

Steinhatchee, located in Florida, does have sharks in its waters. While sharks are amazing catch we don't usally target these. Our trips are focus on family friendly fish like Redfish and Trout.

What is the best fish to eat from the Gulf of Mexico in Florida?

The Red Snapper is a popular and delicious fish to eat from the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. Our target fish are redfish and trout which can also be a delicious fish if cleaned and seasoned properly.

Do you need a fishing license in Florida?

Yes, you need a fishing license to fish legally in Florida.

A TJ's Charters Fishing Charter targets the top Steinhatchee Fish species including null. We primarily Fish the Gulf of Mexico.